UnderTale, Half-Life 2, Grand Theft Auto V, The Orange Box, Half-Life, and Bioshock. What on earth could these games have in common?

They all sit at 96 points on Metacritic. They are the highest rated games on Metacritic. Perhaps ever. (we can’t guarantee that one yet, though.)

On June 24th, 2013, UnderTale was launched on Kickstarter. The game hit its goal on the same day that it was launched, and ended up passing several stretch goals. UnderTale brought in a total of $51,124.

UnderTale, as told by its Kickstarter page, is a Role playing game with a sense of humour. The game follows the story of a small child who ventures into the mountains, which it is said no returns from.

Will Archer of Gamespresso gave UnderTale a 9/10. You can check out his full review here. Considering the games recent release, we will have to see if the scores stabilizes at 96, remaining one of the highest games reviewed.


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