While Life is Strange certainly may not have impressed everyone, for those that did click with the quirky time-travel story of murder, kidnapping, and high school drama, it left quite an impression. Recently, speaking with a French news outlet, Alchimy, translated by Reddit user koyl, Dontnod co-founder Alain Damasio was quoted as saying, “I worked as a Script Doctor on Life is Strange, a game developed by Dontnod, and I will participate [in] the follow up, Life is Strange 2.”

Later, the answer was changed to “I contributed modestly, as a script doctor, to Life is Strange, developed by Dontnod Entertainment. If there were to be a sequel, I would be happy to contribute again, of course.”

To see that there actually was a change, a fan managed to get screenshots of both answers.

While it could be anything from a transcribing mistake to active backpedalling over an unannounced title, the fact the answer was changed is interesting in of itself.

Beyond working as a script doctor for Life is Strange, Alain Damasio worked extensively on Dontnod’s previous title, Remember Me, before turning his attention more heavily towards non-video game related writing projects.

Life is Strange concluded with its fifth and final episode, “Polarized,” last month. Our reviews for the episodes of Life is Strange praised the first episode for its unique take on the narrative adventure game formula despite a number of clucky missteps, saying, “Nailing a strong sense of style and voice… Life is Strange manages to stand out from other games,” and finally applauding the finale for tackling “subjects and emotions other games simply don’t.”

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