Yakuza remake receives new screenshots

In wake of the Yakuza remake Sega have released a number of screenshots from the newly remade game. The images reveal a few well-known faces from the Yakuza franchise including the games lead protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu alongside others.

The remake of the very first Yakuza game has been said to run on the same engine used for the most recent games in the franchise. In terms of new games in the franchise Yakuza 5 fill finally be released in the west later on this year via the PlayStation network.

During the 2015 Tokyo game show not only was this remake announced but Sega also announced they were working on Yakuza 6, which will exclusively be coming to the PS4.

In terms of its release the Yakuza remake is scheduled to come out January 21st in Japan for both PS3 and Ps4. Yakuza 6 is currently set for release in autumn 2016 in Japan with no information on a western release as of yet.



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