Since June 2, Ark: Survival Evolved has been, arguably the leading survival and dinosaur game on the market today, according to Studio Wildcard’s creative directer and co-founder, Jess Rapczak.  In under a week upon its release, Ark brought in over $10 million in revenue. This, however, was when it was sold for $25 a unit on the PC, and was not available for Mac of Linux until the end of the month.

On December 16th, the ultimate dino-survival game will be available for Xbox One.  It will be released with all the content that has been provided with every update for the PC version.  In comparison there are “no compromises” says Rapczak.”Gamers want new experiences on their consoles, and we feel that Ark, which is one of the few dinosaur games on the market, and one of the only, if not the only true multiplayer survival games on console, will bring that fresh gaming experience that helps define this generation.”

Ark: Survival Evolved

XBox One players can also find the illusive Dodo among the dossier of…dinosaurs…hm…

Xbox One players who purchase Ark: Survival Evolved will also receive a series of “Founders content”, which includes “an unlockable bionic ‘Tek’ T-Rex skin, ARK Founder’s Hat skin, and ARK Founder’s Trophy.”


Players who purchased the $34.99 Xbox Game Preview version will not have to rebuy the game, which, upon its release, will ultimately be priced higher.  The official price for the final release in June has yet to be announced.  And while Xbox updates will not be released at the “insane pace” as Rapczak puts it, there will still be new content, features, etc no more than two weeks apart.

An release date for the PS4 has yet to be determined, but is coming soon.

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