Halo 5 has generated over $1 million in revenue from microtransactions, Microsoft announced recently. The number rose from $700,000 back on November 19.

The funds generated from microtransactions in Halo 5 will be added to the prize pool at the Halo World Championship. The total prize money is now at $2 million after starting at $1 million.

Microsoft has stated that only some of the microtransaction revenue would be added to the Halo World Championship prize pool, meaning that the company has probably made far more than $1 million from Req bundle sales.


The microstransactions in Halo 5 are available through Req packages. Players can buy, with real money or in game points, a number of different Req packages that contain an assortment of different armor, weapons, and skins. The Battle of Shadow and Light expansion brought 48 new Req packs to Halo 5: Guardians itself.

Req packs can cost players anywhere from $2-$25. With microtransactions, Microsoft has been able to release the Battle of Shadow and Light and the upcoming Cartographer’s Gift expansions for free.

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