Thanks to a poster over on the NeoGAF forums, early alpha footage from Tom Clancy’s The Division on the Xbox One has been leaked. There appears to be multiple videos on YouTube with mirrors on Indavideo and Dailymotion.

As the game is still in development, Ubisoft is sure to come down upon these leaks quickly. This is coupled with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement by alpha testers in regards to sharing videos and gameplay experience publicly. This may be the only day the footage is available.

The leaked alpha gameplay was uploaded by a user named Depro Fan. Character customization, introductions and even combat are viewable across several videos, showing a high level of detail even for an alpha build.

As of now, The Division has a confirmed release on March 8, 2016 for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. All preorders, for every platform, will gain access to the game’s beta which has a tentative date in early 2016.

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