After revealing Diablo 3’s wizard and Diablo 2’s necromancer would be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster, Blizzard has lifted the curtain on Li-Ming, a wizard as shockingly powerful as we all hoped she’d be.

A ranged assassin, Li-Ming “gains momentum with each enemy takedown.” Due to her trait Critical Mass, every time she gets a kill, it resets her cooldowns, including her heroic ability. In the blink of an eye, the entire momentum of a fight can shift. Her primary abilities include Magic Missiles, a ranged attack of three missiles the player can fire at any angle, Arcane Orb, a slow moving orb that grows in size and power as it moves, and of course, teleport.

As for her heroics, Disintegrate is a long-range bream that can damage multiple enemies at once, and by aimed as it fires, while Wave of Force is an AOE move that pushes enemy heroes.

“Li-Ming is a powerful and deadly wizard, able to dominate the field of battle with her magical onslaught.” There’s no release date confirmed just yet for the character, but we shouldn’t have to weight too long. Until then, be sure check out some of the Diablo-character specific dialogue on its way to Heroes of the Storm. What do you think of Li-Ming? Let us know in the comments.

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