The first physical copies of Bayonetta 2 are quite hard to come by. Because they also came with a copy of the first Bayonetta, which was only on the PS3 and Xbox 360, they were quickly grabbed up as a high commodity item. This caused them to be sold on places like Ebay and Amazon for much higher prices than retail.

Starting on February 19th, Bayonetta 2 will release a physical version of the game for $30. This version does not come with the first Bayonetta, but will be infinitely easier to find and, most likely, cheaper than any other option of buying the game. You can still buy the game on Nintendo’s eShop, but for $50. Whether the bundled title is coming back to retail is still yet to be seen.

Bayonetta’s character will be coming into Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. title as the game’s final DLC character. She’ll be released there sometime in February, along with Fire Emblem’s Corrin.

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