It’s no secret that Developer CD Projekt Red owns GOG, and it plans on bringing early access games to the market place.

However, unlike Steam, early access games must be approved by GOG. The games will be reviewed by the website, and if they find it acceptable, it’ll be added onto the market place. All early access games will also come with a two week no questions asked refund period, eliminating the skepticism that comes with most early access games.

In a statement regarding the decision, GOG managing director Piotr Karwowski had this to say. “We want all gamers on to have access to what these titles have to offer, but we want to get it right, carefully evaluating each and every game, offering a 14-day refund policy, and providing GOG Galaxy support with update rollback and more.”

4 games will launch with the new initiative, all up to 40% off until February 2nd.

  • Starbound
  • Ashes of the Singularity
  • Project Zomboid
  • TerraTech
  • Curious Expeditions

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