Ubisoft Massive has released the closed beta for the upcoming title, The Division – obviously with a beta, there are always going to be issues, Ubisoft Massive have now outlined the known issues, so anyone attempting the 28GB download (XB1) will have a rough idea of what to expect.

Issues include (but are not limited to) world textures that render incredibly slowly after spawning, frame-rate drops for PC players using VSync, interruptions to voice chat and poor audio quality.

The closed beta started January 28 on Xbox One and will be available on PC and PS4 a day later. The only way to access the beta is to pre-order the game or purchasing a key from various websites. The beta ends on January 31.

Below is a breakdown of the known issues, segregated by platform, along with temporary workarounds where possible.

Ubisoft Massive, developer of the title are currently working on fixes for these issues. It remains unclear whether a patch will be provided before the beta concludes.

Have you experienced any other issues? How are you finding the beta? Let me know in the comments section below.


Xbox One/PS4/PC:

Capture cards

Players using Windows 10 will experience corrupted video signal output when using an external video capture card/device. Models affected: Atomos Assassin, Elgato Gaming HD60, Atomos Shogun, and potentially more


World textures may render very slowly after a player respawns



Players using VSync will experience significant FPS drops.

[Workaround]: Don’t use VSync

Windowed/Borderless modes

FPS may drop below 20 when the game is played in windowed or borderless mode.

[Workaround]: Use fullscreen to maximize FPS

Nvidia Graphics

Players may experience graphical corruptions and visual artifacts when using Nvidia Graphics Cards.


In instances where the Dark Zone is overly crowded in a small area, players may experience performance issues such as delayed damage or animation glitches

Character selection

Players may experience graphical corruption around their character model in the character selection screen on resolutions higher than 1080p.


Xbox One/PS4/PC

Saving Private OBrian

The second wave of enemies does not always attack the player if he eliminated the first wave too fast.

[Workaround]: Exiting the mission area and re-entering it will reset the mission.

Xbox One/PS4

Premium subscription

Players may become stuck in Dark Zone checkpoints if their premium console subscription expires while the player is inside the checkpoint.

Vibration option

Controller vibration option switches ON each time the player respawns.


Unable to shoot

Players may be unable to shoot or switch weapons after exiting Chelsea Pier.

[Workaround]: Restarting the game should fix the issue


Xbox One/PS4/PC


The GPS in the World Map may send the player to dead ends or through areas outside the Beta map area



After installing the game in any other language than English, the game will still launch in English the first time

[Workaround]: Select your language in the language selection screen on first launch of the game

Bugs & Glitches

Xbox One/PS4/PC

Proximity Voice Chat

Players may experience problems when communicating with Proximity Voice Chat in the Dark Zone such as poor audio quality or temporary interruptions.

[Workaround]: Proximity chat is currently limited to 8 players at a time

Falling through map

Players will fall through the map when joining another user that is watching the Intro Cinematic

[Workaround]: The player will be teleported back to his checkpoint once exiting the playable map volume

Ubisoft Club

Xbox One/PS4/PC


Ubisoft Club Beta Action may not unlock when the user created a Uplay account in the same play session.

[Workaround]: Relogging should fix this issue

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