Earlier today, World of Tanks developer Wargaming announced a PS4 release date for the popular PC tank combat game. The free-to-play shooter will launch January 19 in the PlayStation store.

World of Tanks will be released for free and will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play.

PlayStation Plus members will get access to the German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS Light Premium Tank which comes with an extra three days of premium and will be clad with a “one-of-a-kind darkened camouflage featuring a stylish ‘pinup girl’ livery.”

Also, players who download the game and log into the garage before the end of the month will receive the U.S. T1E6-PS Light Premium tank for free. This special will expire on January 31, 2016.

World of Tanks launches January 19, 2016 on PS4.

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