There are still 5 days until the next Fire Emblem title hits western shores and for some people the wait is agonizing. Others have gone on to create an unofficial ‘Kamui Customizer’ which allows users to customize and create their own ‘Corrin’, the protagonist. Much like Fire Emblem Awakening’s ‘Robin’, Corrin can have some customized features to make a personalized character.

The generator is available at and allows users to tinker with gender, build, preset facial features, hair styles and accessories. Although the Fire Emblem’s level of character customization isn’t extraordinary, at the very least, players will have a chance to tinker with the character customization before the game is released.

Fire Emblem Fate’s two games will be released in the states on February 19th with the third campaign arriving on March 10th. The engine was made by LuminescentBlade who does a fair few bits of art over on Tumblr.

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