Everybody’s Gone To Rapture can be considered a successful game by most. The story based game took place in the first person, as someone who’s trying to figure out what exactly happened to everyone else.

The game received high marks from IGN and Gamespot, getting a 8.5 and 9 respectively. IGN accredited the game to great story telling, saying that,”Piecing together its web of heartbreak, loss, and ultimate revelation provides a great experience.”

Gamespresso’s very own review had this to say about the game, “Though not perfect, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is delightfully unique, and artistically special. While the lack of conflict or action will likely turn many away, those that come to the game with an open mind will find a gorgeous, worthwhile experience.”

With the game being established as a success critically, the developer ‘The Chinese Room’, feels confident enough to create another game. This time they won’t be using a publisher, though.


Although the new game hasn’t yet been announced, the Twitter feed was covered with several statements regarding the future of the company. The tweets went on to read, “With the bonus that because it’s not signed to a publisher, we can be pretty open about development. Which raises the question. What’s the kind of stuff you want to know about how we make our games? Then we’ll do our best to make that as open as we can.”

Additionally, they went on to talk about how they owned the IP. “The other cool thing is that we own the IP – so if you want t-shirts, special editions, vinyl, graphic novel, actual novel etc – let us know.”

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