Over the past months since the game’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, came out Guild Wars 2 has been trying a lot of new things, most notably the game’s first raid. As fans have been enjoying the first segment of the raid, many have been clamoring for the second portion, titled Salvation Pass, to drop.

Speaking on the game’s twitch channel, it was revealed Salvation Pass will release March 8th. Positing on the Guild Wars 2 forums, Forum Communications Team Lead Gaile Gray reiterated the news saying, “You’ve seen the Slothasor. Join the new raid wing on March 8th to see what other surprises are coming your way!”

The Slothasor was revealed to be the first boss in the new raid content, a literal, massive, horrifying sloth.


Last month, a host of changes hit the game in the form of the Guild Wars 2 Winter update. Along with updating and overhauling some of the content, the update also added the ability to glide throughout the majority of the game. It is only the first of ArenaNet’s planned seasonal major updates to the game.

Along with the next wing of the raid, the developer has also talked extensively about starting up Living World Season 3, regular updates that add content and expand on the game’s story and change the environment over time.

Will you be checking out Salvation Pass? Personally I think the Slothasor is just asking to die. As we learn more about the future of Guild Wars 2, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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