Halo 5’s Hammer Storm update launches later this week bringing Grifball, a new arena entitled Torque, and a bunch of new REQs to the Xbox One exclusive first-person shooter, but what’s in-store for the game after Hammer Storm? The March update was teased at the end of the developer’s latest live stream.

The video below starts at 2:36:28 of the live stream and shows off a ten second teaser about what’s coming to the first-person shooter this March.

It looks like the next update will include a Halo 3 era assault rifle, a new skin for the mantis mech vehicle, new weapon skins, and what appears to be a new map. But that is in the future and the Hammer Storm update is in the here and now. The developer tweeted all of the new REQs that will be available in the Hammer Storm update which can be seen in the tweet and graphic below.

Combat evolves with the Hammer Storm update! See all of the new REQs on the #HaloLivestream https://t.co/dda9QxPbLG pic.twitter.com/ZFfexxVT4x

— Halo (@Halo) February 24, 2016

The new Hammer Storm REQs are below.

Halo 5 HammerStorm Update REQs.jpg


Source: Gamespot, via EGM.

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