Bioware Austin, the team behind the story-based MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, is currently hiring for a new IP.

The job listing popped up just recently, looking for a Lead Server Software Engineer “for a new, unannounced BioWare IP.” The listing goes on to say, “The successful candidate will have expert knowledge of and experience in the design, implementation, and continuing support of large scale real-time client/server applications,” making it fairly clear the next game will be an MMO.

The Old Republic just released an expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, last October. Likely still years out from release, there is little the announcement of a new IP can tell us about the future of the Star Wars MMO.

In other Bioware news it was recently announced Bioware Montreal’s Lead Writer has departed the company, joining Bungie.

What would you like to see in a new IP from Bioware? What do you think of what looks to be another MMO? Let us know in the comments.

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