The Division launched yesterday, which means the online servers are pretty packed. And like most online games, players have already found a way to grief others on Ubisoft’s latest title.

Standing in doorways.

You read that right, you can block a players progress by standing in a doorway. According to Eurogamer, players spawn in a small room after a meeting Faye Lau. There is a doorway that works as a choke point, where players can stand in the way of each other.

This stops players from progressing past the start of the game, unless you know how to get around said griefers. Reddit users have explained how to get around them, saying that if you run through them for a few seconds you can make it to the other side. Walking or continually trying to shove past won’t work, though. You have to run.

Still, for most players they can’t seem to figure it out. This is something that Ubisoft might want to address.

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