Techland’s Dying Light had a major content expansion in February, The Following.

The DLC’s map was larger then the original two maps combined, and Techland decided to add a buggy to race around in.

On top of racing, the buggy is also useful for smashing into zombies and just smashing when you’re angry. (Although I’d advise against that)

With unlockable parts, the buggy is the most customizable weapon in Dying Light. Fans around the world will be invited on March 19th and 20th to participate in the first community challenge for Dying Light.

Take to the roads and help smash up 5 million zombies. If you help participate and the 5 million deaths are achieved, you’ll unlock the Golden Buggy paint job. If you’re interested in checking out how the community is doing, you can see the progress on the website here.

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