Ahead of the upcoming April update, Microsoft has released a number of fan-made Forge maps and Grifball courts to Halo 5: Guardians.

Six maps created by the community through Forge are now in rotation for Big Team Battle. Among these maps are remakes of Halo 3’s Valhalla and Sandtrap maps, both of which were fan-favorites from the 2007 title. Below is a list of the new maps:

  • “Alter” by WyvernZu (the Sandtrap remake)
  • “Viking” by no god anywhere (the Valhalla remake)
  • “Boulevard” by alex quit
  • “Eagle Square” by SHIFTY time
  • “Fracture” by Squally Dabeanz
  • “Scavenger” by CommanderColson

Along with the BTB maps, a number of Grifball courts have been added as well. These Forge-made maps were also created by the community. They are:

  • “Bloodsport” by NLTROOO and Creative F0rce
  • “Blue vs Red 2003” by JA5ON 0, The222v, and ImDuhUnicorn
  • “Crow’s Court” by xNFx Monsta and RBG Persian
  • “Grif Temple” by Caustic Kirby
  • “Frontier” by CaptainPunch374 and Creative F0rce
  • “High Charity” by Darkprince909 and Creative F0rce
  • “Sandwich” by Darkprince909 and Creative F0rce
  • “The Arbiter’s Court” by guss br
  • “Underpass” by Katanga

Halo 5: Guardians is available for the Xbox One. The next free update, Ghosts of Meridian, will release in April. You can check out the Halo Waypoint for a peak of the new update.




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