The Nintendo NX has been talked about for months, yet there are few people who truly know everything about it. Rumors have spread all around from it being a handheld/console hybrid to being in two separate pieces among other things. More rumors have popped up about the device this weekend. If you’re a fan of Nintendo, they will make your mouth water.

In an interview with Dual Pixels, the mysterious “Geno” shared information on the NX. He stated that the console would have a wireless HDMI dongle to stream in HD on almost any device and the analog sticks would have small motors to better replicate realistic movement from the gaming experience. Things like running into a wall at full speed would make the movement analog stick, jerk in the opposite direction. Along with this, the NX should be able to bluetooth to just about anything, is approximately 50 times more powerful than the Wii U, is very comfortable and easy for developers to work with, and will push the envelope with social gaming, much in the sense of Pokemon Go.

Think all of this sounds too good to be true? This “Geno” character was also the one to reveal the idea of a full 3D Pokemon game (X and Y) long before they were officially announced, as well older Pokemon getting new abilities and forms, PS4 using Unreal Engine 4, and more. We can only hope that he’s right about this great news surrounding the Nintendo NX.

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