The Oculus Rift launched today. In a blog post, the Oculus team stated that developers will be able to sell their games in whatever store they like.

“The Oculus platform and store are designed to provide the best VR experience and content, but we also recognize that people will want to use apps that aren’t available on the Oculus platform or in the store,” the team stated.

“As a developer, you don’t have to be in the Oculus Store – you can sell outside, and when you do that you can use your own IAP if you prefer, and we don’t take a cut. You can also request keys (royalty free) to sell your Oculus PC app on other stores, while making it available to the community through the Oculus platform.”

This means that players and developers will be able to buy and sell apps outside of the Oculus store, through platforms such as Steam. However, there are a few requirements that apps must meet, such as not locking the player from the Home menu.

The Oculus Rift launched today. The headset starts at $599. You can see a list of games available for the platform here.

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