Even though we still have an agonizing couple weeks before the official announcement, its possible that the release date for Final Fantasy XV may have already leaked. According to Gematsu, the latest Final Fantasy title will roll in Sep. 30.

Apparently “corroborated by three independent sources who would have knowledge of the matter,” an early Fall release would make sense. But it should still be taken with a grain of salt until the date is officially announced.

Back at the beginning of February, Square Enix announced Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, a special event scheduled for Mar. 30 at 7PM PST in Los Angeles. Along with finally giving us an official release date, the event is also likely to give us the deepest look so far at the upcoming game.

Originally billed as XIII Versus when it was announced in 2006, the game was re-revealed in 2013 as Final Fantasy XV. Overall however, it means gamers have been waiting ten years for the stylish game we saw so long ago. It will now be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One.

Whether the Sep. 30 release date ends up being accurate or not, you’ll find all the latest information right here on Gamespresso. How would you feel about Final Fantasy XV kicking off the 2016 Fall season? Let us know in the comments.

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