Killer Instinct kicked off Season 3 with the release of Rash from Battletoads fame. In a naive thought, the idea for another 3rd party character anytime soon was written off. Now, along with series veteran Tusk, the Arbiter from Halo was shown off. Arbiter comes into the field of battle with his Covenant Carbine, grenades and an Energy Sword.

Arbiter is a strange and interesting new character with some new mechanics. His carbine only has a limited amount of bullets in a match. Once that runs out, he has to rely on his other assortments of weaponry. The Arbiter also has an overshield that blocks incoming projectiles as well. A very durable and strong character.

Meanwhile, Tusk returns to the Killer Instinct stage from his original debut in the 1996 title. Tusk is the immortal warriors who wields nothing but his great sword. Yet, as the trailer below shows, Tusk is a complete powerhouse that even has an extraordinary amount of endurance with his super armor. Not only that, he can easily control the flow of battle with his insane reach.

These two lovelies will lay alongside the likes of Rash, Maya and (if my eyes don’t deceive me) Gargos. Killer Instinct Season 3 will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 as of March 29th.

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