For those that were making use of the PlayStation Network back in 2011, you might remember the service going down for 23 days.

This was part of a large attack towards Sony, hacking into accounts and taking as much information as they could. The hack effected over 70 million customers.

Shortly after the attack was resolved, Sony started a “Welcome Back” promotion and gave out a free game to users. Although it certainly helped ease the pain a bit, one game wasn’t enough for some. And that was shown in a class action settlement against the company in 2014.

If you were effected by the hack and you filled out a lengthy claim form last year, you had picked out the option between getting a free game or extended time on your PlayStation Network account. It’s time to start checking your inboxes, because that e-mail should be on the way.

Since March 2nd of this year Sony has been sending out codes that you can redeem on your PlayStation device, and this puts the settlement behind Sony. (Which cost them over 2 million)

It’s nice to see this finally come to a resolution.

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