The classic and well received turn-based strategy RPG, Valkyria Chronicles was announced to be receiving the HD remastering treatment a fair while ago. According to Sega, the game will be released on May 17th for the PlayStation 4 exclusively.

The HD remaster will not only be a graphical upgrade to the original PS3 title, but will contain all the DLC from the original game in the package. Not only that, but it will now have trophy support and the option to play with Japanese or English audio.

This won’t be the end for the Valkyria Chronicles revival; Valkyria: Azure Revolution is still on its way despite not having a solidified western release date just yet. While the original Valkyria Chronicles is a turn-based strategy RPG, Azure Revolution intends to be a change up from the formula and become a real-time role-playing game. In the meanwhile, there is the PC port of the original Valkyria Chronicles on sale right now for $4.99 USD over on Steam.

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