Starting now, the Battleborn Open Beta is available to for pre-load on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All the action kicks off tomorrow, April 8, on PS4, with Xbox One and PC players jumping in April 13.

To mark the occasion, 2K released a massive, new 12-minute trailer, showcasing each character in the game, along with Battleborn’s Borderlands-style zany humor. Called ‘Battleborn Bootcamp’ the trailer covers everything from the grander narrative, to each character’s roles and the finer points of combat.

Running until April 18, the Battleborn Beta will pack in two story missions, both available to be conquered solo or with a team of up to 5 players in co-op. In The Algorithm, players will “debug and unlock the rogue Magnus AI, ISIC.” In Void’s Edge however, “A Varelsi portal has opened and it’s up to you to fight your way through the invasion and deliver the payload.”

The beta will also allow you to duke it out in two of the game’s competitive multiplayer modes, Incursion and Meltdown. All 25 of Battleborn’s heroes will be either available from the start, or unlockable throughout the course of the beta.

And if that wasn’t enough, all the content in the beta supports split-screen play.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Battleborn’s Live Together or Die Alone story trailer. Will you be queuing up for the Battleborn beta? Let us know in the comments. The game hits store shelves May 3.

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