With the first major content update for The Division right on the horizon, players can already check out the incredibly powerful new gear sets being added to the game. With four in total, each one is tailored to a specific playstyle with massive bonuses and specialty talents meant to make players a true force on the battlefield. The more pieces you have, the more powerful the set becomes overall.

Shown off in the released image below, first there is the Path of the Nomad, the Dark Zone centric gear set. Found primarily in the Dark Zone, the full set will give players a major boost to scavenging (the percentage change of finding better gear) and a solid 20% heal on each kill. Where the set becomes a little ridiculous however, is in the fact that every ten seconds, if your HP hits zero, you will regain all of your health. With that in mind, PvP might be about to get a lot more interesting.

As for the other three more PvE focused sets, first is Striker’s Battlegrear. Meant for players who love being in the thick of the fight, it includes boost to enemy armor damage and a whopping 100% boost to critical damage. The shooter talent however, awards constant and accurate fire. Every time you hit an enemy, your damage goes up by 1%, up to a full 100% boost. That buff decreases by 2% every time you miss though, and decreases by 1% every second you don’t shoot anyone.

The Division, Gear Sets, Incursions, Update 1.1

For players more in love with The Division’s crazy gadgets, Tactician’s Authority might be the set for you. With a huge 4,000-point boost to skill power and a reduction to cooldown timers, the set’s talent is unique in the fact that it counts on your teammates. For every 60,000 damage your group does as a whole, your skill power will raise by 1%. It will decease by 1% every second your group goes without dealing damage though.

And finally, there is Sentry’s Call, tailored for the marksmen out there, with raised headshot damage and damage to elites. The talent however, called Stalker, allows headshots to mark targets, adding 15% bonus damage for 10 seconds.

Which set do you think you will go for first? Let us know in the comments. Update 1.1 hits The Division April 12, adding gear sets, incursions, public events, and even loot trading. Until the patch hits, a bug has kept The Division’s daily missions from updating. As we learn more about all of it, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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