Though hardly little more than housekeeping after the massive avalanche of major announcements from Uncovered Final Fantasy XV last month, Square Enix’s recent livestream offered plenty for fans to enjoy. While the livestream (via Nova Crytallis, translated by Jirokichi) didn’t show anything new for Final Fantasy XV itself, it focused on the number of tie-in pieces announced and released last month.

After vague promises that the publisher would look into producing more Ultimate Collector’s Editions of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix gave a concrete number. 10,000 more of the $270 dollar boxed editions will be available for fans, complete with artbook, statue, soundtrack, and film. Unfortunately Square Enix can’t guarantee they will be ready on day one. When originally announced during the Uncovered event, only 30,000 copies were available, selling out almost immediately.

Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition

The livestream also included details on when fans, in Japan at least, will see the Kingsglaive film and get their hands on the mobile game, Justice Monsters V. Tickets to see the the CGI film will go on sale April 23, with the movie releasing July 9. As for the mobile game, the Android version will go live in Japan next week, while the iOS and Windows 10 versions will release in the summer.

When it comes to Final Fantasy XV news, that may be all we get in the near future. Square Enix will not hold their next Active Time Report for the game until E3. The game will officially announce not long after however, scheduled to finally come out September 30.

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