You can’t always have a well built viking boat. The leaks sprung may have revealed God of War 4’s next location. Thanks to a NerdLeak’s site who has now gone offline, many pictures and concept art have been shown. In it are numerous links to a Nordic pantheon, a giant shakeup from the original Greek pantheon that Kratos normally dealt with. The angry God has had a makeover too!

All of the concept arts and leaked images have been archived safely for viewing on NeoGAF.

The Nordic environment is suggested due to not only the aesthetics but rumors claim these environments are for ‘Alfheim’ and ‘Vanaheimr’. Both are worlds within the Nordic pantheons with Alfheim being the homeworld to light elves.

Kratos himself now spots a beard, shoulder pads, pants and a trusty new axe. The axe is suggested to be integral in his movements through the environment as he cuts plantation in order to get by.

The production of God of War 4 has been known for a while since its slipped announcement in 2014. Sadly, with only the collection of images, there is not much else in terms of release timeframe yet. But here’s some of the images you can ogle at in the meanwhile!

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