The King of Fighters XIV is coming to a PlayStation 4 near you on August 23rd.

More than 50 fighters will meet in the brand new saga which brings together the series’ well-known gameplay while bringing about some new changes.

“While preserving the classic 2D gameplay and three-on-three team battles that made the King of Fighters series popular, The King of Fighters XIV brings a fresh change to the series with full 3D visuals,” developer Atlus wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “It also includes a wide variety of multiplayer and online features for the best King of Fighters experience yet!”

Here’s what else players can look forward to in the new title. For full details, check out the PlayStation Blog.

  • 50 Fighters — King of Fighters returns with a gorgeous roster of 50 characters. Besides the returning fan favorites, numerous new combatants join the roster.
  • Nakoruru, one of the heroines from the Samurai Shodown series, joins the fight along with her fellow hawk companion Mamahaha!
  • Shun’ei is a new character who will play an important role in the game’s story.
  • Plus, numerous emblematic and original characters prepare to duke it out in the KOF tournament!

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