Though only a medium sized patch before the mid-season patch, 6.8 brings plenty of exciting things to League of Legends.

Explaining some of the changes, Roit says, “We’re toning down some early-game sustain, as well as the main offenders in the ‘Everyone Gets To Be A Tank’ party (Ekko, Iceborn Gauntlet). We’re also showing love to some fan favorites (MF, Rumble) that play particularly well with and against the wizardly warriors to be spruced up next patch.” To see all the changes, be sure to check out the full patch notes.

But for now, let’s run through some of the highlights. Taric, for one, has received a full rework. With a new bit of backstory, a touched up look, and an overhaul to his moves, Taric is a new man starting with Patch 6.8.

Though nowhere near a full reworking, Riot has also set their sights on Tank Ekko for a bit of attention. The difference between AP Ekko and Tank Ekko has always been meant to be a balancing act of risk and reward. Bringing that balance back into check, Riot is reducing the base damage of both Parallel Convergence (W) and Phase Drive (E), while increasing Ekko’s AP scaling.

On the other side of the spectrum, while more than a few champions are receiving buffs, Olaf and Rumble are likely benefiting the most. “Berserkers thrive in bloody combat, so we’re amping Olaf’s durability to tip the scales in his favor when he picks the right moment to go all-out.” The lifesteal from his Vicious Strikes (W) and the armor and magic resist from Ragnarok (R) are all being increased.

Likewise, Rumble is being tweaked with fighting against early game sustain in mind. His Flamesplitter (Q) now does full damage to minions instead of half, and his ultimate, The Equalizer now has a 10 second shorter cooldown.

On the aesthetic side of things, not only are Ranked Stats back in the client, but Diana is getting the new Infernal Diana Skin, and a pile of new splash art is being added.

What do you think of the changes coming to League of Legends? Let us know in the comments.

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