The last title in the Mafia series was released about six years ago. The original game in the series was made six years before that. Seems only fitting that we now have a release date for the third part of this action-adventure with some drama.

Mafia 3 will launch on October 7th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Players will take control of Lincoln Clay, a biracial man who’s African-American crew are taken out by the Italians. It is up to you to form a new group and get revenge on those who brought the hammer down on your brethren. Take advantage of the open world and let the city of New Orleans know you mean business.

Mafia 3 will have three versions available for purchase. The stand edition, a premium edition with special unannounced downloadable content, and a collector’s edition with more physical items. This includes a vinyl of the soundtrack.

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