In an interview with MCV, Quantum Break’s creative director Sam Lake talked about the process of bringing the time travel game to life, working with Microsoft on release windows, and understanding why fans would have such a negative reaction to adding a new platform.

Quantum Break was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, but earlier in the year Microsoft announced that it would be bringing the game to PC as part of the tech giant’s cross-platform initiative. Lake talked about his excitement in bringing the game to PC.

“Remedy has a strong heritage on PC and have a lot of fans on the PC side,” Lake said. “From a developer’s perspective, it’s always good news to make our creations available for a potentially wider audience. That to me was what it was. I’m really happy that there’s a PC version and everyone at Remedy is really happy.”

In response to the fact that many Xbox One gamers were “enraged” though that the exclusive would be coming to other platforms Lake said, “It baffled me, but I do kind of understand the reaction, stepping back and thinking about it. People are very passionate have a feeling of ownership on their chosen platform. That passion is very important to us because when people are passionate they are willing to fight and spread the word. I understand and appreciate that. But sometimes it can turn into negativity.”

Quantum Break is getting a special white Xbox One bundle for the game’s release and gamers who pick up the bundle will also get a Backwards Compatibility version of Alan Wake for free. Since the review embargo was lifted a couple days ago the game has been receiving positive scores and Quantum Break is performing better than you might think.

Quantum Break launches April 5, 2016 on Xbox One and PC.

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