Listed on the Square Enix store page was a solidified date for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. It has since been changed back to TBD. The PlayStation 4 title was said to be released on June 28th, 2016 for North America. Not only that, but the listing had an image showing off a day one bonus edition. As for the reason why these are no longer on the store page? It’s up to speculation whether the listing was a mistake leaked listing or there was a complication that delayed the actual date.

The day one bonus edition included several downloadable items and features including:


  • “Ring of the Valkyries” – Increases ATK, INT, and Critical
  • “Gold Bunny Statue” – Increases EXP and FOL
  • “Bushybrume Cincture” – Reduces amount of MP used
  • “Wristlet of the Stars” – Reduces Damage taken
  • “Secret Stahlian Tome” – Increases HP healed
  • Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria BGM – Customize the battle BGM within the game to battle music from the Valkyrie Profile series.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness was released in Japan on March 31st. A PlayStation 3 version of the game will also be coming out to Japan, this version will not be available worldwide. So if you want some Star Ocean action, you’re going to have to own a PlayStation 4.



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