Players who suffer from the game breaking High-End backpack bug will soon get a chance to play their games again according to a post on Ubisoft’s forums.

The bug which occured when players crafted a high-end backpack was locking those players out of their accounts or displaying an infinite load-time screen. The bug should be fixed in update 1.1 which drops on April 12th.

“We will be deploying a fix in update 1.1 on April 12th that should resolve instances of the infinite loading/backpack issue,” Ubisoft said in the forum post. “Due to this fix requiring a client patch, we cannot deploy it at an earlier date. We thank you for your patience.”

The Division 1.1 update will also bring a new incursion entitled Falcon Lost and will feature new gear sets, item trading, and more. Even though the developer has been quick to release patches, the Division has been full of glitches since the game’s launch. The most recent has been an “Inception” like falling glitch.

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