For the past two months, we at Gamespresso have been extremely fortunate to work together with the folks at RandomCS and Matcherino in order to run the amateur ‘Gamespresso Heroes Open’ tournament. Fortunately, these two companies, along with many other organizations have come together to form the ‘Heroes United’ league.

The Heroes United league is a collaborative effort between RandomCS, Divergence Gaming, HeroesHype and Sweet Synergy to create a weekly online tournament league that pits amateur Heroes of the Storm teams against each other. Eventually the best of the teams come together in quarterly ‘Major’ tournaments where the stakes will be at its highest in terms of fame, prize pool and competition.

Sponsored by all the collaborative companies including Matcherino, the league begins on July 13th at 8p.m. EST. The tournament will pit the top 8 teams from the weekly tournaments run by the four major organizations. The first will be handled by HeroesHype and hosted on their Twitch channel.

After this first tournament, the other organizations will cycle as host until the seventh week where the top 8 teams who garnered the most points from the tournaments will fight it out for a minimum $500 USD prizepool. That minimum has a potential to grow thanks to Matcherino and viewers who would like to add to the pot. The point system mentioned above ties in with how the Heroes United will run. As teams play in the partnered weekly tournaments, they accumulate Heroes United Points based on how well they do.

If you’re interested in wrangling together a team and participating in these tournaments, be sure to reach out to any one of the above mentioned organizers or reach out to us and we’ll help!

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