Opening up their development tools to become an extremely versatile program for inquisitive creators, Techland have added the ability to use buggies in custom maps for Dying Light. Interestingly since buggies were a feature in the expansion “Dying Light: The Following”, this will allow players who don’t have the expansion to play with buggies in the original game, so long as they play custom maps.

Not only are the buggies themselves available for custom maps, but driving options and systems can be tinkered with to create some interesting PvP maps.

Finally, in a partnership collaboration with Razer, the duo have set up a competition to allow map makers to be in the running to receive some sweet Razer products included in the ‘Razer Gaming Gear’ such as the BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard, DeathAdder Chroma mouse and the Kraken 7.1 Chroma headset. All you need to do is to create a buggy-based custom map and send the submission to this site. Map makers will have until the 19th of June to get their maps in before the competition ends.

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