Fallout 4 was met with much critical acclaim and praise. Howerver, one niggle that many reviewers had was that the game seemed to a large number of repeated radio station songs with its predecessors, Fallout 3  and Fallout: New Vegas. And to Bethesda’s credit, it’s hard to ask singers from the 1930’s-1960’s to just record new songs, being that many are either deceased or past their prime singing days. A new mod aims to have those reviewers singing a different tune now.

Titled Radio Enhanced, the mod was created and posted on Nexus Mods by user efgh58. The new mod adds in 286 “hand-picked, lore-friendly” songs ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. The mod only adds them to Diamond City’s Radio Station, though. Along with a full list of the songs added with the mod is a submission form that anyone can send to efgh58. This form allows others to suggest new songs to add into this already comprehensive list.

The mod comes just in time for those playing on the Xbox One, since Fallout 4 mod capabilities have just entered their beta stage. Hopefully the mod stays under 2 gb, although at the rate songs are being added, who knows.

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