Hideo Kojima is a man with large ambitions, and his plans for his new studio are just as large. He’s recently stated that he plans on Kojima Productions producing a huge video, possibly AAA sized.

“While meeting friends and acquaintances around the world, they said everybody expects me to make a big title, so I changed direction. So, the first game coming from me will be big,” he said.

He’s discussed how he’d like for Kojima Productions to have its own engine to run future titles on. However, he also just traveled the world looking for the right engine for his developing studio. “I think it’s better to use internal tools to make games,” he said. “But for my first title we are going to use a third-party engine because we want to release it to the people who are waiting. The reason why I’m traveling around the world is because I am looking for [an engine] to use.”

Kojima Production’s first game will be a PS4 console exclusive with a PC port for the game as well.

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