Fans of Pokemon from the very beginning live by a a few short sayings engrained in their heads for decades. “I wanna be the very best” and “Gotta catch’em all” reign on the top of the list. Once again, a helping hand is being lent out to help determined trainers to catch them all.

In a promotion surrounding the release of the Fates Collide card set, the Pokemon Company is offering a giveaway for those who own Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, or Omega Ruby. All you have to do is go to the Mystery Gift option in the main menu on the corresponding dates to download a level 100 Zygarde, Shiny Xernas, and Shiny Yveltal.

Zygarde will be available now until May 8th, Shiny Xernas will be ready for May 11th to the 17th, and Shiny Yveltal May 20th to the 26th. Don’t forget these dates if you want to be a true master.

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