Dead Rising 4 made its official appearance today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The Christmas-themed trailer reveals that the game will be coming this holiday season for Xbox One and Windows 10.

It features the return of Frank West, the main protagonist in the first Dead Rising. The footage shows off a multitude of absurdly jolly weapons including a crossbow with candy cane bolts and a red and green painted grenade launcher.

In a couple of instances Frank is shown taking selfies with his cell phone while decimating zombies. This could be hinting at the possibility a photo taking mechanic, which was fetured in the first game.

The trailer also shows Frank donning a shiny exoskeleton suit allowing him to tear the undead apart with ease.  The suit and Dead Rising’s appearance at the conference confirms rumors and leaks made earlier this week.

Are you excited about the return of Frank West? Let us know in the comments below. #frankisback

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