We always love to see further installments of out favorite franchises, especially those from Nintendo that filled our childhood with joy. While this is true, it is always great to be introduced to a new IP that has the potential to grow into something truly special. Take a look at Ever Oasis, the newest RPG from Nintendo on 3DS.

In a desert setting, players will have to build and maintain their own oasis, while building on relationships with those around them. You will have shops called “Bloom Booths” that have to be run, funded, and stocked by you, but you will also gain the profits they bring in. In addition, you and your team will have to explore dungeons and solve puzzles, gaining strength and experience along the way.

Ever Oasis is being developed by Greezzo, which was founded by the very Director and Producer of Final Fantasy titles who created Moogles and Chocobos. Needless to say, the art for this game is very adorable, but can also bring the intense action when it needs. Everything in this title is based on making decisions to move forward in the story and in your oasis.

Ever Oasis was just announced by Nintendo today for the 3DS. We will share more information for the title as it is revealed. Check out the first trailer below.

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