Virtual reality is still a new venture in the video game timeline. It goes without saying that some studios won’t want to risk going near the technology until it is proven to be fruitful for video game developers and publishers alike. In that regard, Joachim Holmer, co-founder of Neat Corporation – developers of the upcoming self-published HTC Vive game, Budget Cuts – has suggested that large companies will not commit to VR; instead it’s the smaller studios that are hopping on board.

Speaking in Edge #294, Mr. Holmer explained saying:

“Valve help out with various things – if you’ve got technical issues, need help with design, or just play testing, since there’s a bunch of people there that can give really good feedback. And they just see the potential in VR, and want to help it grow. VR’s a strange new world: it’s hard to convince people about it, and to get content out there. Large companies don’t want to commit because the audience is so small. It makes sense to support smaller developers.”

With the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already on the market, and PSVR set to follow in October, it will be interesting to see how the virtual reality scene develops over the coming years. How will more people be convinced to try it? Will it become more accessible? We’re looking forward to finding out and letting you know.

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