Madden NFL 17 took the stage briefly at E3 2016, showing off the new graphics and features coming to the next installment in the franchise.

With a new commentary team in Madden 17, the all new weekly online contests will bring everyone closer together then ever.

Hoping to transform Madden into an even more recognized eSport, EA is introducing challenger events to Madden NFL 17. Challenger events allow you to host, and run, your own tournaments within the community. On top of the challenger events, EA is also introducing Premiere events, and EA Major events.

Premiere events are hosted by third party, and are considered “large” events for the community. EA Majors, on the other hand, are official contests with massive prizes. Expect these tournaments to have the biggest payouts.

Madden NFL 17 is trying to bring the eSports to everyone, and if they can get the third party support, they just might do it.

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