Driveclub VR will definitely be a launch title for PlayStation VR, at least in Japan.

The Japanese version of the PlayStation Blog confirmed the news today, as reported by videogamer, stating that the new iteration of the title will have “cockpit view and realistic 3D audio.”

How different it is from the standard PlayStation 4 version of the title is yet to be seen, but the game’s director, Paul Rustchynsky, confirmed on Twitter that there will be a collection of brand new tracks for the VR version, though he added that he was “not sure I can comment on development yet.”

Additionally, Rustchynsky took to NeoGAF to confirm that the same team that produced Driveclub on PS4, Evolution Studios, is behind Driveclub VR.

“The same development team who made Driveclub, also made Driveclub VR,” he wrote. “Other Ocean did not contribute, nor did any other team, to its development.” Sony had closed down Evolution Studios earlier this year.

PSVR is set to launch on October 13th, meaning this title will come to Japan on that same day. No Western release has been mentioned for the new game at this time. We’ll keep our eye on the PlayStation Blog and on Rustchynsky’s Twitter for any further updates.

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