It is hard to consider yourself a gamer if you do not know the superbly influential franchise, Halo. The latest installment in this series, Halo 5: Guardians, was released last year and saw huge success. With both the story and gameplay moving forward, this title truly helped to push the envelope even more. While its lifespan is far from over, it is taking the next step to fading out.

In a long post on the Halo Waypoint blog, it was announced that Halo 5 would no longer be pushing out updates every month. In addition to this, there will not be any large scale updates in the future, such as Warzone Firefight or anything of that sort.

“We’ve been thrilled about the incredible amount of new players who jumped into Halo 5 during the free play period, and hope many of you stick around (one of us! one of us!),” the post read. “As we mentioned last night, we’ve also been ecstatic to see the number of monthly Halo 5 players increasing month over month over the past few months. This is pretty special to see, and I’m looking forward to plenty more gaming with you this summer.”

It was mentioned that more content was to come, just not on a monthly basis, or in the scale of Warzone Firefight. But Halo 5 will not simply stop its push for great gameplay amongst its fans. Try it now on Xbox One if you are late to the party.

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