While tinkering away at the upcoming Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ update, game developer Edmund McMillen has been dropping a fair few teasers for his next big game. While previous updates only showed off images, a bit of gameplay footage was shown. The game is being co-developed with Closure’s Tyler Glaiel and features characters from one of McMillen’s works called Time Fcuk. The video, shown below, shows off a monochromatic platfomer that draws some inspirations from the Mega Man games in particular the health bar layout and the death animation.

While the game does not have a title yet, it is still being worked on at the same pace as another game Edmund is working on called Legend of Bumbo which is meant to be a “turn-base, puzzle RPG”. In a statement made to Eurogamer, McMillen has gone on to confirm that the Mega Man inspiration is exactly what the untitled game will be, with ‘Isaac-like’ features and tight controls.

It was also mentioned that the game, despite featuring characters from Time Fcuk would not be a sequel of any sort.

As for the rest of the update on the blog, McMillen describes two new items that centralize the idea of “destruction and stacking effects”. One of the items is called Void and will be the starting item for Aferbirth+’s newest character Apollyon. Void destroys any item on screen and if it’s a usable item, it obtains that effect while stacking other usable items. Items that aren’t useable will instead give a random stat boost. The second item is called Smelter and will allow the user to destroy any trinket and retain its effects permanently.

The untitled game has been confirmed for a release on PC and Mac with a potential release on consoles. No date has been provided yet for the untitled game, Legend of Bimbo and the Afterbirth+ update.

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