Someone has data-mined the recently released Pokemon GO, and in doing so, has discovered a number of rare Pokemon within the game’s code.

Reddit user PSIFlash has found references to a number of rare Pokemon within Pokemon GO’s code, including Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Ditto. Even though Mewtwo was in the game’s CGI trailer, no one has caught the legendary Pokemon yet. Also found within the code was evidence for new moves for existing Pokemon, such as Blastoise.

PSIFlash also found a number of items in Pokemon GO’s code. Data for Master Balls, Ultra Balls, Max Revives, and Max Potions were found. Also found were X Attack and X Defense, as well as an item called “X Miracle.”

It has been found that those who are caught cheating in Pokemon GO will be subjected to a soft ban. When caught, players will lose much of the functionality of the app. Those caught will not be able to collect items from PokeStops, and will not be able to battle or claim gyms. Players will also be unable to catch Pokemon, as the Pokemon will run away when a Poke Ball is thrown. The ban can last anywhere from one hour to three hours.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices. Developer Niantic has stated that they do plan to update the game bi-weekly, like they did with their previous title, Ingress.

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