Microsoft has announced that all games that have been released for Xbox One will be upscaled to 4K resolution on the Xbox One S. Director of Program Management at Xbox, Mike Ybarra, confirmed the news on via Twitter.

On top of supporting 4K resolution, the Xbox One S will also have HDR support. This will allow for richer depth of color on televisions and monitors that support it. Not all games will have this support however. As of right now, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Scalebound have been confirmed to have HDR support.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One S at this year’s E3. It was confirmed then that the console would support 4K resolution and that the console would have a sleeker design than the original Xbox One. Along with the Xbox One S, Microsoft also announced Project Scorpio. Scorpio is Microsoft’s upgraded version of the Xbox One and will support all Xbox One games and accessories. The company states that Scorpio will be “the most powerful console ever.”

The Xbox One S is set to release sometime in August of this year. There will be three different versions available: the 500GB version for $299, a 1TB model for $349, and a 2TB model for $399.

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