Battlefield 1 will have Elite Classes, who can be considered the Hero units for the title.

Battlefield 1 will be introducing Elite Classes to the series, which will be beefed-up infantry units that can help turn the tide of battle. There will be three of these units: the Flame Trooper, the Sentry, and the Tank Hunter. These classes have all made appearances in coverage of the game, but we now know what they are. You can read about the three classes below:

  • The Flame Trooper: This warrior appropriately wields a devastating flamethrower with a particular set of gear to compliment it. There are downsides to his fire-resistant outfit and gas mask, however, as they limit his field of vision and slow him down.
  • The Sentry: A tank of a soldier, the Sentry carries a massive water-cooled machine gun and is kitted out in a full set of bulletproof armor. While bullets do little to this juggernaut, he is slow and doesn’t wear a gas mask making him susceptible to more tactical advances.
  • The Tank Hunter: The 1918 Tankgewehr rifle is the center piece around which this class operates. The rifle can only be fired from a mounted position, but it is designed to pierce armor and disable vehicle mechanisms, making this class a one-man anti-tank squad.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21st. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game’s beta will begin on August 31st, though Battlefield Insiders can get early access.

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